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Sirius Technologies

Sirius is a team of professionals with years of expertise in design of electronic equipment and systems. We’re specializing in custom development of analytical and laboratory spectrographic equipment, gas analysis systems and radioelectronic data processing and communication systems. We’re ready to start with any stage of development process and both perform tasks of development of single project elements and take care of the whole development process, beginning with technical design assignment approval and ending with placing order for contract manufacturing.

Following development process stages are generally defined:
•    Project technical assignment approval
•    Device construction development.
•    Selection of components
•    Boards interconnection
•    Programming  devices
•    Pilot samples production
•    Pilot product manufacturing at our own facilities, or placing orders with contract manufacturers
•    Preparing documentation set

We also provide consulting services in the following fields:
•    Optical spectrometry
•    Gas analysis systems
•    Laser technologies and photonics
•    Optical tweezers (e.g. in application to biophysics and cell biology)
•    Laser mass-spectrometry
•    Laser-produced plasma
•    EUV sources
•    Advanced acoustics (sub-miniature transducers)
•    Vacuum system design
•    Wireless data communication systems within frequency range up to 90GHz.
•    Real-time video signal processing
•    Programming for specific processors, controllers, programmed logic devices (video controllers, DSP, FPGA, CPLD)
We can perform an expert examination e of technical solutions selected by you or offered by other companies.